Presenting with Impact & Influence

The ability to get up in front of a room and to deliver an effective presentation with confidence, poise, and presence is one of the most important skills any business professional can possess. And yet so many people try to do so without ever having had any kind of formal training. But presentation design and delivery are distinct, developable skills that – no matter how good you are at it right now – can ALWAYS be made even better.


With our patented “3 E’s” (“Educate, Engage, and Excite” TM) approach as its foundation, this interactive, engaging, and fast-paced webinar we will “pull back the curtain” to reveal what it takes to be a more powerful and persuasive presenter…and provide you with a variety of innovative tools, tips, and techniques that will enable you to design and deliver more impactful and influential presentations.


You’re all about testing and quality assurance…so let this webinar assure that your next presentation will pass the test!


Todd Cherches, the CEO of BigBlueGumball, is a leadership development and presentation skills consultant, trainer, and executive coach with over 25 years of global business experience. He is an award-winning Adjunct Professor at New York University where he teaches the popular graduate course, “Leadership & Teambuilding” for their HR master’s program, as well as a Lecturer on leadership at Columbia University, and soon-to-be-author of the book, Visual Leadership: How Leaders Can Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking and Visual Communication.



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