Communities & Leadership: Our Best Bet to change the State of Testing for Better

Problems: ‘We need more and more Skilled Testers’, ‘Most of the Testers need to upskill themselves massively’, ‘We still have not solved basic Testing problems’, ‘We still do not understand Automation properly’, ‘Decision makers in lots of companies think that automating everything will give them desired quality’, etc.

Pseudo-Problems: ‘Manual(Read Human) Testing is dying’, ‘Automation will replace Testers’, ‘AI/ML will replace Testers’, ‘Testing does not have future’, ‘If you don’t learn Automation, you won’t be relevant in future’ etc.


Any thoughts on how we could have dealt with all these Problems and Pseudo-Problems better? 


Well, forget ‘how’. Any thoughts on who/what could have possibly played the biggest role in dealing with these Problems and Pseudo-Problems? Can we still do something and if not eliminate, at least form a better rapport with these Problems and Pseudo-Problems?


I think it is the Testing Communities (the ones we have and the ones we are going to build) and the Test Leadership.


I will try to shed more light on this based on my experience and experiments with Leadership, Community Building, and The Test Tribe initiative. The Test Tribe is the fastest growing testing community in India. 


Mahesh is Passionate Software Tester from Mumbai, India with almost 8 years of Testing experience. He founded The Test Tribe Community this January, which he says is a very special initiative to him. He is working as a Principal Test Manager at Zycus Infotech(Mumbai) where he is leading multiple products on Testing Fronts. Mahesh has a keen interest in Leadership, Community Building, Travelling, Indian mythology, and Reading. Family man and a Foodie. 



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