Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Testing Software

Adopting Artificial Intelligence in testing is a must for organisations. Their survival in the medium term relies on this. But many organisations have a low maturity in managing the quality of their software applications. Faced with arbitrary test data and with many still embarking on the journey to shift left with test automation, very few have the faintest idea where to start.


What do we do with all the hype around Artificial Intelligence? Which of the myriad voices and doomsayers do we believe? How do we determine which of the vendors pitching their offerings can be trusted? What are the first steps to take to embark on a successful Artificial Intelligence journey?


Johan is a business development specialist who has been selling technology products and services in South Africa and Europe over the last 20 years. During the last decade, his focus turned to the Software Quality Assurance and Testing market. He worked in senior roles for global consulting firms and is currently working at Nedbank as Senior Manager: Enterprise Quality Assurance.


For more info see his website: www.thebusinessoftesting.com or on Twitter: @tboftesting



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